By hiring Jobficient you are increasing your chances to finding a great job without spending numerous hours doing it yourself. We can send your resume to more than 3000 recruitment companies in minutes.

The price is calculated by the number of recruitment agents you want to reach out to.

  • less than 100 $0.20 per email
  • less than 200 $0.15 per email
  • less than 300 $0.12 per email
  • 300 and up $0.10 per email

The more you send the more you save. Simply use the interactive slider to select the right price for you.

We accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express credit cards as well as Debit Cards as forms of payment. To enhance your security we use Stripe as our payment processor.

A professional recruiter’s fulltime job is to match jobseekers to the right employers. A majority of employers do prefer for recruiters to do advance screening before hiring a candidate. Therefore, they give priority job openings to recruitment companies, sometimes without posting them on public websites. As a result, recruitment companies have additional job openings that are hidden for public search.

Recruiters will file away your resume in their database for future positions just in case there are no current job openings that match your qualification at the time you submit your resume.

A recruiter’s monetary interest is to match you with a job in your field as they get paid by the employers for providing the right candidate. This is what makes job search through recruitment companies the most efficient.

Jobficient generates a distributing status report showing the number of emails which were sent after you purchase our service. During the submission process you will see a display of the company names along with your resume being sent on a pop up window. You may also receive an automatic reply from some recruiters stating that your application has been received and is being reviewed.

Yes, your job search is strictly confidential. We do not post your resume on public boards or similar sites. Only the recruitment companies you have selected will receive your resume.

Your resume will only be distributed at your request to recognized recruiting companies. Other than that, your information is kept confidential with Jobficient and will not be shared or sold to third party. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Yes you can. But before you do feel free to register as our associate here because if they order our service you will receive a monetary reward from us. Win-win for everyone.

Jobficient uses SSL encryption technology provided by VeriSign the trusted certificate and payment processor Stripe. Therefore your credit card information is secure.

We do not save your credit card information during or after the payment transaction has been completed.

Only the number of submissions you have chosen will affect the delivery time. Please allow for up to 24 hours maximum processing time; however it is most likely that your order will be fulfilled within minutes. When we finalize your order you will receive a project report sent to the email you specified.

Jobficient can send your resume to more than 3000 Recruitment companies, based on your selections. When recruiters receive your resume and find matches with your qualifications, they will contact you by phone or email. Recruiters will keep your resume in their database for future positions in case there are no current openings that match your qualification at the time you submit your resume.

Contact us at any time with any question you may have regarding our service.

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