The Path to Six Figure Jobs

Recruiters have an adage that the higher your salary, the longer your job search will take. This is why people looking for jobs at $100,000 and more have to be particularly smart about their job search. There are a number of tools available to help those looking for executive positions, which we will cover in this job searching tip.

What if you’re not qualified for executive-level positions yet? The most common way people are able to get into upper-echelon positions is by obtaining an MBA degree. Doctors, lawyers and people at the top of their profession in other careers such as IT, engineering and sales can also earn six figure incomes. If you already have a career in the corporate world and don’t have an interest in law or medicine, earning an MBA degree may be the quickest path to the executive suites. In addition to learning the technical skills needed for management, marketing, finance and accounting, MBA schools typically foster building relationships with other students which is extremely helpful for networking your way to great opportunities after you graduate. The top MBA schools not only have the best resources and teachers, but they often also have the best networking opportunities because exceptional students attend them.

According to Business Week’s latest rankings, the following are considered the top 15 business schools:
1 Northwestern (Kellogg)

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2 Chicago
3 Harvard
4 Stanford
5 Pennsylvania (Wharton)
6 MIT (Sloan)
7 Columbia
8 Michigan
9 Duke (Fuqua)
10 Dartmouth (Tuck)
11 Cornell (Johnson)
12 Virginia (Darden)
13 UC Berkeley (Haas)
14 Yale
15 NYU (Stern)

Many MBA schools have scholarship opportunities which can help you cover the costs of attending. If time is also an issue for you, you may wish to consider earning a degree through an online college.

If you are looking exclusively for jobs paying $100,000 or more, you may feel frustrated by the sparseness of those kinds of positions on traditional job boards.





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