What you need to know about Headhunters in Toronto

What you need to know about Headhunters in Toronto

These days when you are looking through online job postings on the Toronto job board, chances are that they were posted by headhunters in Toronto.  In fact you will not be able to find the name of the organization that has this opening unless the headhunter thinks you are the right fit and decides to forward your resume.

Headhunters in Toronto

Also it is well known that job fairs are usually aimed at entry level jobs in Toronto only. Companies tend to use recruiters for more specific searches. 

That’s why it is critical for you to understand why organizations use headhunters in Toronto:


The search is sensitive and a recruiter can discreetly contact candidates on behalf of the organization.

Prior lack of success:

The organization did previous search and didn’t get the candidates they had been looking for.

Restrained inner assets:

Organization simply does not have the inner expertise or resources to do the search.


Headhunters do have a huge dataset of records of skilled candidates for organizations to review available on request.

For junior or entry level positions most firms will usually hire instantly, says Karen one of the best headhunters in Toronto. “However, to file in the middle level to top level positions most companies they are using recruitment businesses.”

A non-unusual arrangement could undermine your probabilities of getting the job says Norman -hospitality industry recruiter. “If competing agencies are fighting over who will characterize you, in the end you can also lose out.”

Considering that headhunters on Toronto in most cases get dozens of resumes of similar character, when you send in a resume, Norman says it’s important to contact all headhunter contacts at least once a week while you going through your job search process. “The squeaky wheel quite does get the grease.”

Headhunters usually are paid a percent of your base salary, plus incentive, which will range from 15 to 30 per cent or more, depends on the nature of the role of course and the contract between the agency and the organization.

Whilst a hefty commission would have an impact on your establishing pay, most employers comprehend they have got to pay market salaries to stay aggressive. But Poole acknowledges that regularly, mainly in smaller firms, paying outside recruiters can force down compensation for the function.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate:

All the communications of employment shall be communicated to you with the aid of the recruiter on behalf of his consumer. Don’t be afraid to negotiate. “depending on corporation policy and your seniority, there may be some wiggle room involving income and potentially an extra week of vacation,” says Norman.

Constantly keep in mind that the hiring organization is paying the headhunter’s bill. The contract between the company and the corporation will generally present a “warranty” on the location which can also be anyplace from three months, to 6 months or even longer. This implies in the event you leave before the end of the assurance period, the recruiter will lose all or a part of the commission.

So if you do not like your new job placement, don’t expect the same headhunter to be very supportive as they will lose their commission if you quit. ”Our rule is that if we place a candidate, we cannot solicit any candidate from that organization, and absolutely not the individual that we just place there, ever,” says Norman.

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