What Companies are Looking for When Recruiting Customer Service Representatives

As hiring at customer call centers and retail outlets begins to pick up, companies remain committed to finding the best and brightest workers.

If you are looking for work in the customer service field, you might be interested in a new survey called the “State of Call Center Human Capital.” This research found the average turnover rate at U.S. call centers is high – 70% in large operations with 1,000 or more agents. Recruiters need to make sure that you will not only be a good fit for their business, but that you have a sincere interest in the company and its clients.

And while hiring managers for customer service centers continue to look for workers through a number of venues including traditional online job boards, many companies are ramping up their search by expanding their pool of candidates.

According to 1to1Media, recruiters should look for potential employees through referrals, job fairs and by even going back into their applicant tracking systems to look at past applicants whose resumes may have been overlooked the first time.

When sending your resume to a company electronically, you want to make sure it highlights your accomplishments, as well as your soft skills, which are equally as important for customer service representatives.

Customer Service Manager magazine lists 10 essential skills that are considered the most valuable in the field. These include – the ability to listen, clear verbal communication, empathy, data entry and basic understanding of computers, ability to memorize protocol and guidelines and guidelines, time management and situation evaluation.

Keywords that you should incorporate into your customer service resume include computer skills, customer tracking system, order entry, telemarketing management and customer retention.

Using an online resume template will help you organize your resume and customize each document to tailor to each specific job description.

Once you have landed an interview, you should research the company in depth in order to be prepared to ask and answer an array of questions. 1to1Media noted that candidates should be able to give concrete examples for their talents including how they handled a difficult customer, how they used their skills to up-sell something and how they have gone “above and beyond” for a client.

If you are new to the field, you should stress your positive qualities over lack of experience and how you can best be a front line employee who will represent the company in a positive way.

Source: www.livecareer.com

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